SMB, non-profit or big listed companies  - the last 20 years gave me the possibility to communicate in very different environments. Most of my jobs were related to digital communication and (change) management of teams. I am happy to share this experience to grow your business. 

Does That Sound Familiar to You?

The economic downturn has already had negative impact on your sales and the perspective for the coming months and years is very challenging.

  • Your marketing department needs to generate new leads, but your marketing resources are limited.
  • You need to prioritize your resources to allow for very fast digital transformation, not least because the number of marketing channels ist growing very quickly.
  • Some of the more important ones did not exist a few years ago. Some seem attractive but are, ultimately, a waste of time and money. Others have to be developed in a completely new way.
  • You need a serious marketing plan!

Marketing and Communications as a Service

This is how I will help solve your communication problems. Marketing and Communications as a subscription-based service contains analytics, management, coaching and - if needed - access to an international network of experts in related disciplines. You will find out where and how you can target new clients. You will succeed with a clear prioritization in activities, especially with limited resources, while my custom-tailored coaching sessions will help your team to generate new leads.

This marketing and communication subscription gives you access to my broad communication knowledge and provides more value than an agency (it is less expensive) or an interim manager (more experience and extensive expertise.) 

  1. Performance-oriented: you will benefit from my experience during a precisely established time, within a framework of properly formulated objectives.
  2. Transparent costs: you are paying for a strategic consulting subscription with an agreed level of service.
  3. Confidence: I handle all projects personally – you will start, execute and complete the work with no one other than me.

Who will receive the biggest benefits?

  • Efficient: For most SMEs marketing strategy is not a daily full time job. That is why it is more practical to choose the marketing subscription service for your strategy needs. Day-to-day content production is a separate issue and may be best handled in-house (marketing collateral, social media campaigns, and so on.)
  • Productive: Hiring and onboarding a marketing expert with solid strategy skills will take six to eight months of unproductive time. Spending the same amount of time on a marketing as a service subscription will deliver the key pillars of your marketing strategy and a first marketing plan, starting tomorrow.

How much does it cost?

Marketing im Abo ist ab einer monatlichen Gebühr von 1500 Euro buchbar. Laufzeiten von 3, 6 oder 12 Monaten können wir in einem persönlichen Gespräch erörtern. 

Why me?

The last two decades have given me opportunities to communicate in very different environments, from SMEs to NGOs and large companies and most of my work has been related to digital communication and change management. I am happy to share this experience to grow your business.

  • My experience covers the view of a consultant and the perspective of a full-time marketing expert, and you will benefit from my digital communication experience in different industry segments.
  • As a former CEO of agencies, Director EMEA or as Head of Corporate Communications I am very familiar with strategic challenges faced by every kind of organisation, from and SME to a public corporation.